Local Runner Profile- Jeremy Criscione

Jeremy Criscione

Jeremy Criscione

Average Mileage: 80 – 100 (up to half marathon) 90-130 (marathon)

Typical Week: I follow a 9 day cycle, so workouts and long runs can fall on different days of the week depending on where I am in that cycle. A typical cycle looks like the following:

*Second easy run 1-4 times per week depending on mileage needs. Strides 1-2 times per week.

Day 1 – Speed or shorter tempo (Pace depends on goal race) – Example: 8 x 1k, 5 x mile

Day 2 – Distance

Day 3 – Distance

Day 4 – Longer Tempo – 3 x 3 mile, 5 x 2 mile, 8 – 12 mile progression or sustained

Day 5 – Distance

Day 6 – Distance

Day 7 – Long Run – 18-24 miles – Might be sustained pace of aprox. 6 min/mile or 4 mile pickups on both ends of the run

Day 8 – Distance

Day 9 – Distance

Best Performances:

2016 Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

2013 Boston Marathon 28th Place

2012 US 10 Mile Championships 10th Place

2012 Olympic Marathon Trials 59th Place

2008 NCAA XC Championships All American 20th Place

2007 SEC XC Championships 2nd Place

3 Time All SEC XC

3 Time All NCAA South Region XC

2005 FHSAA 3200m 1st Place

2004 FHSAA 5k XC 1st Place – State Meet Record


1500m 3:47.59

5000m 14:09.05i

10000m 30:11.69

10k 29:28

15k 46:22

10m 47:54

Half Marathon 1:04:28

Marathon 2:20:57

Favorite Race:

Outback Distance Classic – Half Marathon – Jacksonville, FL

Most Memorable Running Moments:

  1. Winning the 2004 2A FHSAA State XC Championships. Half of the season had been canceled due to hurricanes and my Coach passed away just before the season began. I remember hearing someone yell “win it for Coach Cox” 400 meters before the finish, I went on to win by 7 seconds and set the State Meet record. It was a great way to end my last high school xc race and to honor my coach.
  2. Qualifying for the 2012 Olympic trials. I ended my collegiate career by getting a stress fracture just before the track and field regional championships. I resumed running fully a couple of months later after cross training for the summer. After 8 weeks of running I injured my hip during my first workout which sidelined me for another month. By cross training and a good training segment from late October until March I was able to run under the required standard to qualify for the trials. This was reassuring after coming off of two serious injuries that were basically back-to-back.

Running Goals:

Sub 2:15 Marathon; sub 14 5,000m and Sub 29 10,0000m. I would also like to improve on my placing from the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon at the 2016 Trials

Shoes: Race: Saucony A6 Trainer: Saucony Guide 7

Other Running Gear: I seem to perform better in cooler temperatures so I like to use the Saucony Drylete Arm Warmers because they help me to keep warm in the early stages of a race but I am able to remove the once the temperature rises, which prevents me from having to wear a long sleeve shirt that can’t as easily be removed during a race.

As a member of PowerBar Team Elite I have been able to utilize a variety of nutritional products for training and racing. There are a variety bars, gels, drink mixes and supplements in all different flavors that contain different amounts of nutrition that are useful depending on whether it is being using during or after activity. The product I am most fond of is their Vanilla PowerGel. The basic flavor is easy on my stomach and the smooth consistency of the gel makes it easy to consume while running at a faster pace. This helps tremendously in cold weather conditions when other brands of gels tend to thicken up even more than normal and are very difficult to consume.

High Density Foam Roller – During college it was easier to access massage and other aids to help with recovery. The foam roller is a good way to generally loosen muscles. If used correctly it even allows you to target specific areas that might normally be difficult to treat on your own.